D District Administration is headed by District Magistrate/ District Collector at   
M District Headquarter.
I For better administration,District is divided into Sub-Divisions/Tehsils .
N Deoria district is divided into 5 subdivisions/tehsils --
I 1.Deoria sadar                 2.Salempur                   3.Rudrapur
S 4.Berhaj                          5.BhatparRani
T Each Sub-Division is headed by a Sub Divisional Magistrate/ Tehsildar.
A OFFICE OF THE DM/COLLECTOR-- Office of DM/Collector is the central point of
T the district.
I DM is available for 'Janta Darshan' in this office  for Public Grievences Redressal
O from 10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon   daily.    


A REVENUE ASSISTANT-- Revenue Assistant maintains/keeps personal files of SDM's,  
D Tehsildar's and Nayab-Tehsildar's .
M He also maintains guard files. He ,also,looks important matters of Revenue related for
I example 'Adarsh Rajaswa Gram', 'Tehsil       Diwas' & send information /profprma's
N regarding revenue to Addl. Commissioner,Commissioner & Board of revenue.
I  He ,also, send monthly reports of 16 points to Commissioner Office  & other points   
S marked by hon'ble Chief Minister.
T  JUDICIAL ASSISTANT--Judicial Assistant looks about criminal cases in the district .
R  JA,also,looks appeal in henious crimes,cases related with 'Rastriya Surakkha Kanoon
A  (NSA) & cases of Magistrial Enquiry.
T 'Gyapan' of any type is sent by JA to Govt.
I  ENGLISH RECORD KEEPER (ERK)--ERK looks dispatch/letters by the designation
O  of DM & other officers.
N The letter from dispatch/postoffice ,after marking by section officer, is send to
X DM  & after returning from DM,is distributed to the concerned department by
A making entry into index register.
D CHIEF REVENUE ACCOUNTANT (CRA)--CRA's main work is to keep account of  
M recovery of main & miscelleneous dues.
I Main dues includes land-revenue,development tax, irrigation tax items etc.
N Miscelleneous dues includes government & semi-government dues.
I Also,ACRA(Establishment) looks amin & peon related works.
S REVENUE RECORD KEEPER (RRK)-- RRK is related mainly with maintenance of
T Land Record & other files.
R RRk Office has 'Zild Bandobast Chakbandi (Binded settlement Consolidation)
A which contains circle rate,Khasra,Khatouni,Proforma-6 kha etc.
T A desirous person may take a copy/'Nakal' of Khasra,Khatouni etc. by submitting
I a request of the same.
O DISTRICT LAND RECORD CLERK (DLRC)--DLRC maintains papres/files related to
N leased land.
X Also,DLRC send a monthly report of land reforms to Commissioner Office.
A Also,DLRC send report of cases under article 122B & 198(4) to BOR.
D GENERAL CLERK (GC)-- GC looks after Establishment related work.
M He maintains file of transfer-posting of class-III employees.
I GC maintains seniority list of employees & looks after their permanency cases ,too.
N  TOWN AREA CLERK --Town area clerk is mainly related with the financial matters
I of Nagar Panchayats.                       
S He maintains the account of receipt amount from Nagar Panchayats.
T   He puts the file for final approval of DM on the passed proposals by   Nagar
R  Panchayats,etc
A SUIT CLERK ---When Govt./DM is a party in case of a suit filed,send the 'Notice'
T received under section80  by marking to DGC.
I Likewise ,under 229B & 80CPC send reply to concerned SDM after making enquiry
O from tehsil when receive Notice.
N He send the reply of Assembly/Council asked question by taking   from the
         concerned department,etc.

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