G This district is located between 26 degree & 28 degree north lattitude and  83 degree
E & 85 degree east longitude out of which district Kushinagar was created in 1994 by 
O taking north & east portion of Deoria district.
G District deoria is surrounded by district kushinagar in North, district Gopalganj &
R Siwan(Bihar state)in  East ,district Mau & district Ballia in south and district  
A Gorakhpur in West.
P Deoria district headquarter is situated at 53 km. milestone from Gorakhpur by road
H towards east.
Y District headquarter is situated at 50 km from Gorakhpur on Gorakhpur-Siwan
broadgauge railway line towards Siwan.
Ghaghara, Rapti & Chhoti Gandak are the main rivers in this district.
Besides these, gorra ,bathua ,kurna ,majhne ,nakta are small river/nala
G which originate from above mentioned rivers.
E Climate of the district is 'SAMSITOSN' .May & June are hot and December & 
O January months of the year are cold.
G Soil of different types is found in the district.Domat ,Bhat ,Matiyar & Balui Domat
R is found commonly.
A Productive & densely populated this district of uttar pradesh is situated at the
P north-east end of the state.
H Currently,Deoria district has five tehsils namely deoria sadar , salempur ,rudrapur ,
Y berhaj & bhatparrani.
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