Famous as 'Gandhi of Poorvanchal' ,Baba Raghav Das made his workplace here although he
  was not born here & intermingled with the political, social,economical & cultural life here.
  He was born in a rich brahman family on 12 Dec'1896 at Pune,Maharastra.
R His fathers name was 'Sheshappa' & mother 'Gita'.
A He was having four brothers & three sisters.  
His father was a businessman.
G His childhood name was Raghvendra.Raghvendra was a child when all his family members died of Plag.
A After his early education ,he completed F.A. from Bombay in 1913.
V On the same year he left Maharastra state,in search of a 'siddh guru' & he reached Kashi by Prayag, Mathura,Haridwar from Bombay .Then he reached Ghazipur-where he met 'Mauni baba' & learnt hindi.
A In desire of 'Yoga' he turned to berhaj -- where he met 'Yogiraj Anant Mahaprabhu' and accepted him his guru.
  Mahatma gandhi visited Gorakhpur in 1921.

Baba RaggavDas met Gandhi ji & since then he continuously worked for independence & served for down-troden people.

  He was imprisoned for the first time in 1921.
  Baba marched deoria,padrauna,basantpur dhoosi in 1931 during Dandi March of Gandhi ji & worked for 'Namak Satyagrah'.
  In 1944 he was imprisoned   for 2 years & tortured in the jail.
  He was imprisoned for about ten times in the freedom fight .
  After freedom,he prefered to serve people rather than to be in government.
  On insistance of Patel,Kidwai & Pant ,contested election against Acharya Narendra Dev & was elected MLA in 1948 but instead of living in luxuries he continuously worked for people.
  During 1947 to 1957 he dedicated   himself to 'Gramodyog setup' ,'Khadi explorartion'  Gita-ramayan exploration,Harijan elevation,elevation of budha pilgrims,naturopahy,leprosy service,cow devotion.He took active part in 'Bhu-dan' movement started by Binoba Bhave.
  1948 - Elected MLA against acharya narendra dev
  1950 - movement against tax on 'kolhu'
  1951 -  setup 'Kust Sewashram ',Gorakhpur
  1955 - Foot-march for 'Bhu-dan' ,resignation from 111 institutions.
  1957 - 'Massor Sarvodaya sammelan'.
  In 1958 ,Jan15 at 23:20 hrs , Baba Raghav Das left this earth for ever.
D B Yogiraj Deoraha baba is well known as a 'siddh person' of  'Yoga' & 'Sadhna'.
E A During first half of 20th century ,a saint came to Mael town,20 km. south west of Salem-pur tehsil headquarter, and near Saryu river-- 3 km from mael town he sitted on a 'Machan'-- made of wooden logs.
Due to dewar place , people called him deoraha baba.
A   'Jap' , 'tap' , 'Yog' & 'sadhna' were his routine.

Social service was his 'dharma' & 'karma'.

H   He used to travel anywhere without any vehicle.
A   Yogiraj reached every year to bank of 'prayag sangam' & back .
    After paasing a long time here,he shifted to Vrindavan from mael & sitted on the bank of Yamuna on 'Machan'.
    After somedays there ,he left this life for ever.

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