About District

This district is located between 26 ° 6′ north and 27° 8′ to 83° 29′ east and 84° 26′ east longitude out of which district Kushinagar was created in 1994 by taking north & east portion of Deoria district . District deoria is surrounded by district kushinagar in North, district Gopalganj & Siwan(Bihar state) in East , district Mau & district Ballia in south and district Gorakhpur in West . Deoria district headquarter is situated at 53 km. milestone from Gorakhpur by road towards east . Ghaghara , Rapti & Chhoti Gandak are the main rivers in this district .

Deoria District came into existence at March 16′ 1946 from Gorakhpur district . The name DEORIA is derived from ‘Devaranya’ or probably ‘Devpuria’ as believed . According to official gazzettes , the district name ‘deoria’ is taken by its headquarter name ‘Deoria’ and the term ‘ DEORIA’ generally means a place where there are temples . The name ‘ DEORIA’ originated by a fossil( broken) Shiva Temple by the side of ‘kurna river’ in its northside.


Deoria district is located between 26 ° 6′ and 27° 8′ north latitude to 83° 29′ and 84° 26′ east longitude. It is surrounded by Kushinagar district in the north, Gopalganj and Siwandistricts of Bihar state in the east, Mau and Ballia districts in the south and Gorakhpur district in the west. Ghaghara, Rapti and Chhoti Gandak are the main rivers in the district. Salempur, Barhaj and Bhatpar Rani are the major towns apart from Deoria.

Facts of Deoria District

District HQ- Deoria

Lok Sabha Constituencies- Deoria

Assembly Constituencies- 336-Rudrapur,337-Deoria, 338-Pathardewa, 339-Rampur Karkhana,340-Bhatpar rani, 341-Salempur(SC) and 342-Barhaj

Name of Tahsil- Deoria Sadar, Bhatpar Rani, Barhaj, Salempur and Rudrapur

Name of Zila Panchayat- Deoria

Name of Block- Baitalpur, Barhaj, Bankta, bhagalapur, Bhaluwani, Bhatni, Bhatpar Rani, Deoria Sadar, Desahi Deoria,Gauribazar, lar,Pathardewa,Rampur Karkhana, Rudrapur,Salempur and Tarkulwa

Name of Police Station- Kotwali sadar, Kotwali Salempur, Kotwali Rudrpur, Gauribzar, Rampur Karkhana, Tarkulwa,Baghauchghat, Bhatni, Bhatpar Rani, khampar, Lar, Mail, Ekauna, Madanpur, Barhaj, Khukhundu, Bhaluwani, Bankata and Mhila Thana

Name of Municipalities Board- Deoria, Gaura Barhaj

Languages- Hindi, Bhojpuri

Rivers- Ghaghara(Sarayu),Chhoti Gandak

Lat-Long-Lat-26.428769, Long- 83.800564

Travel Destinations- Deorahi Mandir, Dugdheswarnath Mandir, Dirgheswar Mandir, Parshuram Dham , Dewrahwa Baba Aashram, Etc.

Border Area Of District- Deoria Kushi Ngar, Gorakhpur, Ballia, Mau, Goplaganj(Bihar),Siwan (Bihar)

Name of Railway Station- Gauri Bazar, Baitalpur, Deoria Sadar, Ahillyapur, noonkhar, Bhatni Jn, Nonapar,Bhatpararani, Bankata, Piokol, Salempur, Lar,Turtipar, Deoraha Baba, Satraon, Sisai Gulab Rai and Barhaj Bazar