The Demo graphical details of Deoria District as per census 2011

Number of Villages

Discription of  Village/ Town Number of  Village/Town
Inhabited village 2019
Uninhabited village 143
Total villahe 2019
Total Town 11

Number of House Holds

Types of House Holds No of House Holds
Normal 465609
Institutional 1894
Houseless 843

Population Details

Sex Type No of Person
Total Person 3100946
Male 1537436
Female 1563510

Rural / Urban Population Details

Rural / Urban Total Population
 Total Rural Person 2784143
Male 1373111
Female 1411032
 Total Urban Person 316803
Male 164325
Female 152471

Sex Ratio (Number of Female Per 1000 Male)

Total 1017
Rural 1028
Urban 928

Density of Population Person Per Sq.Km.-1221

Area (In Sq. Km.)-2540