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    Collectorate Building Deoria

  • collectorate deoria

    Collectorate Building Deoria

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    Collectorate Building Deoria


This district is located between 26 ° 6′ north and 27° 8′ to 83° 29′ east and 84° 26′ east longitude out of which district Kushinagar was created in 1994 by taking north & east portion of Deoria district. District deoria is surrounded by district kushinagar in North, district Gopalganj & Siwan of Bihar state in East, District Mau & District Ballia in south and District Gorakhpur in West .

At a Glance

Total Polling Centers: 1575     Total Polling Stations: 2514

Total Voters: 2366372               Male: 1239983

Female: 1126300                           Other: 89

District Election Officer Shri Akhand Pratap Singh, IAS
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