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Heat stroke and hot air: What to do, what not to do!
S.No. Precautions and Measures See Details
1 Heat Stroke can be fatal, Prevention is the only Treatment Download (PDF 1281KB)
2 Measures to Prevent Heat Stroke Download (PDF 1101KB)
3 Heat Stroke Symptoms Download (PDF 1107KB)
4 First Aid for Heat Stroke Download (PDF 1674KB)
5 Summer will lose, Uttar Pradesh will win Download (PDF 1220KB)
6 What to do, What not to do Download (PDF 1350KB)
7 Fire Safety Measures ⟮Do’s and Don’ts ⟯ Download (PDF 934KB)
8 Fire Protection letter Download (PDF 1797KB)
9 Heat Wave Action Plan 2023 Download (PDF 2448KB)